WOOKAH Mastercut Mill Grom Wenge


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Wookah Body Grom Wenge – A Masterpiece of Wenge Wood and Stainless Steel

The Wookah Body Grom Wenge combines the exotic elegance and strength of medium-brown Wenge wood, often interlaced with reddish or yellowish tones and nearly black streaks, with meticulously crafted V2A stainless steel parts. Each of these wooden hookahs is handmade as a result of a special manufacturing process. This gives each Wookah Grom Wenge body a unique aura, as no two pieces are alike. The high-quality material and flawless craftsmanship guarantee an exceptional shisha smoking experience.

Durability and Taste Neutrality thanks to V2A Stainless Steel

By using V2A stainless steel, the Wookah Grom Wenge achieves remarkable durability and complete corrosion resistance. These properties ensure that the water pipe remains in pristine condition even after countless uses. Moreover, the stainless steel guarantees taste neutrality, allowing the smoke’s flavor to shine through unadulterated. With precise 18/8 ground joints on the connection pieces, traditional rubber gaskets become obsolete, enhancing user-friendliness.

Unique Features for an Unforgettable Smoking Experience

The Wookah Body Grom Wenge captivates not only with its breathtaking design but also with innovative features. The “Grom” design etched into the wooden smoke column, which means “lightning” in Polish, is inspired by the uniqueness of lightning in nature, giving the shisha a distinctive appearance. The closed-chamber system with special perforations allows for easy purging of stale smoke, avoiding an unpleasant, harsh taste. The quick-lock system and ground joint connection also facilitate the attachment of the shisha hose, ensuring convenient handling.


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