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Limited luxury gold series Kaya Black Spot GOLDEN 630FL 2S for connoisseurs.

The very special hookah of GOLDEN Edition by Kaya Shisha!
This hookah is an absolutely unique single copy, as you can see here. The smoke stem / column model is unique.
The model is engraved individually by hand!

In the set:
– Smoke-stem SET with Click-Lock, made of brass, covered with real gold, single copy!
– Unique – hand engraved model
– Shaft length: ~ 27 cm
– 1 Connection with “PLUG” hose (with seal)
– 1 Valve cover
– Glass vase “Clear 630FL”
– Hookah color matching hose with white transparent silicone hose and silver carbon mouthpiece
– Silver plate with INOX ash
– Length of the hose: ~ 150 cm
– Length of the mouthpiece: ~ 27 cm
– Terrakotta tobacco bowl

The material itself is a precious accent: Brass, covered with real gold, heavy and massive hookah.

There may be small spots inside the column and base, visible in the golden color. They are caused by the technical procedure of manufacture and do not mean that in these places there is less quality or material.