Changing the shisha map since 2012

In 2022 we celebrated a decade of making an impact
in the hookah world of Cyprus and Greece!

Combining years of experience and passion in the shisha subject our company has continuously
reached the highest level of quality in hookah products, hookah service experience and catering.

We have collaborated with many hookah companies around the world
and successfully satisfied all hookah lovers’ needs in Cyprus and Greece.

Shishalove now offers a wide range of hookah brands, accessories and tobacco, most of which are sold exclusively.

Our vision

Developing the hookah culture in Cyprus and Greece was one of the initial challenges that we successfully reached. Our future aim is to continue to build and expand this community who truly support new and innovative products in the hookah world. Our cooperation with big brands allows us to provide access to high quality experiences in the field of hookah.

Our promise

Excellence. Commitment. Impact.
The level of hookah and tobacco quality we offer, demonstrates our commitment to our impact within Cyprus and Greece. We want to create resilience, continue offering high quality products and empower this unique experience.

Company Timeline


  • The company was established
  • Shishalove Service Experience
    begins in Protaras and Ayia Napa


  • 1st Shishalove Store
    opens in Nicosia


  • Shishalove Store opens in Limassol
  • Retail and wholesale sales expands in Cyprus
  • Shishalove Service Experience
    expands to all major cities in Cyprus


  • Shishalove Store opens in Paralimni
  • Catering Shisha Service begins in Cyprus
    (at weddings, events, private parties, etc.)


  • Shishalove Ltd turns 5!
  • Shishalove Ltd creates the “Cyprus Shisha Association”
    (a nonprofit organization for shisha lovers in Cyprus)
  • Shishalove Store Nicosia moves to a new location near the city center


  • Shishalove Store opens in Paphos
  • First Shishalove Store opens
    in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Retail and wholesale sales expands in Greece


  • Shishalove Store opens in Larnaca
  • Shishalove Online Store
    is launched in Europe


  • Shishalove Store in Limassol moves in
    a new spacious location as the 1st
    Shishalove Megastore in Limassol and Cyprus
  • 1st Shishalove Megastore opens in Limassol
  • Launches additional service locations around Cyprus
  • Shishalove Store in Thessaloniki moves to a new location
  • Shishalove offers Same Day Home Delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Shishalove Store in Nicosia
    goes through a full renovation


  • Shishalove Ltd celebrates 10 years of
    successfully growing the hookah community
    in Cyprus and Greece!