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WD X1 – Gray

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Product description:

The Mini model from WD company is a small and compact Shisha with many special features.
Your smoke column is made of high quality stainless steel and the bowl is made of crystal glass.
Despite its small size of 34cm, this hookah is equipped with some special features.

These include the closed chamber system, a screw-on diffuser, 1 hose connection, 1 blow-out valve and an 18/8 inner grind for the head adapter, which means that a molasses catcher, pre-cooler or similar with an 18/8 grind can be attached if necessary.
A great workmanship in combination with the mentioned features give this shisha its great quality.

Dimensions: height approx. 34 cm, bowl diameter approx. 18 cm
Closure system: screw cap (thread)