WD Hookah X30 – 1 – Clear


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Product description:

The G30-18 model from our company is a hookah with outstanding quality and many special features.
All metal parts are made of high quality stainless steel and are manufactured with the highest precision.
For the bowl we use pure crystal glass with a flower pattern cut into it.
With its size of 56cm it is already one of the large hookahs and has a very good stand thanks to the wide contact surface.

Other special features of this hookah include the closed chamber system, a screw-on diffuser and a hose adapter with 18/8 cut that is plugged directly into the base.
In this model, the head adapter is screwed to the smoke column and the blow-out valve is integrated into the base.
A great workmanship in combination with the mentioned features give this hookah its first-class quality.

Size: 56cm