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Our absolute masterpiece.

As tasty as it is fleeting – because overall we were only able to produce a small amount due to the current situation.
The taste of wild peach is so rare and rare that we got this flavor exclusively for hookain. We combine the sweet and juicy taste of peach with a hint of apricot juice. The taste of apricot is hardly noticeable on its own, but supports the basic character of the variety enormously.
In order to give the variety more depth in terms of the Pfrisich taste, we use another peach flavor to cover all the oleiferous nuances of this delicious summer fruit.

Why Pic ZkiTTLEZ? Why not just Pic?

So that the variety is more than just wonderfully fruity and pleasantly fresh, we work with an effervescent aroma that, in conjunction with the different peach notes, develops a very special taste of its own.
In terms of smell and taste, the variety goes in the direction of “peach-crumb-iced tea-his-father”.

Limited restock.

Content: 50g

*You can order tobacco only if you located in Cyprus.