HOOKAIN – LESH LiP Dicke Nudel


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Welcome “LESH LiP”, a new Premium Phunnel from Hookain.
Our timeless design meets the highest functionality and is rounded off with a touch of DRiP!

After 10 months of hard work, after 100s of different technical drawings and 1000s of different samples, we have optimized all relevant factors and created the perfect head.

Welcome “LESH LiP”!
We are again working with a special mixture of two different chamotte clays. Since the shape of the “LESH LiP” differs significantly from the LiT LiP, the percentages of the fireclay clays used have been adjusted so that the “LESH LiP” offers you perfect heat management. Since the “LESH LiP” is much more massive, we had to change the percentage composition slightly in order to achieve an optimal result. Fireclay bricks made of stone slabs made of natural materials, which basically consist mainly of clay and aluminum oxides. The outstanding property of chamotte is its enormous heat resistance and heat storage property.

The Phunnel is massive and has a high and valuable weight. Due to the different composition of the raw material and the high weight, the “LESH LiP” is burned at even higher temperatures. The head is glazed several times and is handcrafted with great attention to detail.

“LESH LiP” has a capacity of 24g and offers you 30-45 minutes more smoking fun than the tried and tested LiT LiP. The performance is soft as butter and after 1h45min all the tobacco in the depot is evenly burned. It is entirely possible to smoke with 20-22g, but we recommend 24g.


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