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Aigleucos Rosa is totally designed and made in Italy, to guarantee quality and craftsmanship.

Each bowls born in the cradle of art, Florence, and is the synthesis of the creativity of the Designers and the third-generation skill of the expert Master Craftsmen.

Goals achieved:

  • Gradual heating and balanced temperature for the duration of the session, never exceeding 100°C, thanks to a perfect mix of Italian white clay.
  • Decorations of the highest level rigorously handmade individually.
  • Suitable for all the most common heat control devices on the market and with aluminum foil.
  • Easy to clean with hot water and soap.
  • Sharing is caring: enjoy a piece of art, history and made in Italy alone or in company.


Material: Italian white clay

Color: pink soap bubble

Bowl height: 9.5 cm

Diameter: 8.5 cm

Capacity: 12-20gr.

Curiosity: In Roman times, “l’aigleucos” was the most appreciated sparkling wine and there is confirmation of the production of sparkling wines given by the discovery, in the archaeological excavations of Pompei, of amphoras contained in a tunnel where it was possible to run water to cool the must in fermentation and obtain the sparkling wine.

This hookah bowl was painted with the soap bubbles method that has been handed down for centuries by the craftsmen of Italian terracotta.


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