Olla Crono Rosa


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Crono Rosa is totally designed and made in Italy🇮🇹, to guarantee quality and craftsmanship.

Each bowls born in the cradle of art, Florence, and is the synthesis of the creativity of the Designers and the third-generation skill of the expert Master Craftsmen.

Goals achieved:

  • Gradual heating and balanced temperature for the duration of the session, never exceeding 100°C, thanks to a perfect mix of Italian white clay.
  • Decorations of the highest level rigorously handmade individually.
  • Suitable for all the most common heat control devices on the market and with aluminum foil.
  • Easy to clean with hot water and soap.

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Material: Italian white clay

Color: pink, red, white

Bowl height: 9.5 cm

Diameter: 8.5 cm

Capacity: 12-20gr.

🔎Curiosity: Cronus or Kronos is a pre-Olympic divinity of Greek mythology and religion, in the most common myths son of Uranus (Paradise) and Gea or Gaia (Earth), Titan of Fertility, Time and Agriculture.