Nano Joker Phunnel


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All the features of Bengala Spain’s best-selling bowl, now in a special Joker edition. The Nano Bowl is a unique model for the guaranteed performance you get from each hookah, thanks to its loading area that offers multiple consumption options. This hookah bowl has a height of 10 cm approx. so we are talking about a shisha bowl of small size and maximum performance.

We are talking, without a doubt, about a piece of craftsmanship in which each version has been made by hand and taking care of every last detail. The enamel of this bowl is its main eye-catcher, with a special Joker edition.

Like the Nano Avatar version, this bowl is made of white clay, so it offers us the great advantage of speed in the heating process of the bowl as well as very good heat acceptance and optimal heat management.

This bowl is perfect for aluminum foil and combined with heat managers such as the Provost model.


Speed ​​in cooking tobacco.
Intensity in the flavor.
Good heat management.
Heavy smoke
Average consumption (13 – 16 grams).

Height: 10 cm approx.

Diameter: 7cm approx.


*Due to its craftsmanship, each bowl is a unique piece, and may vary between different versions. Each bowl has an exclusive and meticulous creation process, influencing the difficulty of resemblance between different bowls.


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