Olla Bowls – Antico Faenza (Full Set)


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Antico Faenza full set can be considered as a proper Italian masterpiece.  The set comes with a vase, a bowl, a handle and a mouthpiece. It’s entirely produced in Florence, handcrafted and hand-painted by our Master Craftsman. A stunning piece of art you don’t want to miss out!

It works with any type of hookah stem which fits 45 mm diameter vase.

Here is a little trick: In case you own a smaller hookah stem, you can wrap a sport bandage around the stem to make it fit.

* Stainless steel stem is NOT included.

Item details:

1) Bowl

Material: Italian terracotta;

Color: blue, yellow and white;

Bowl height: 9.5 cm;

Diameter: 8.5 cm;

Capacity: 12-20gr.

2) Vase

Material: Italian terracotta;


– Upper part: around 45 mm;

– Upper external part: 7.5 cm

– Weight: 2.2 Kg;

– Internal height: 24 cm;

– External height: 26.5 cm;

We recommend to use the set with the following water capacity: 1.6 L – 1.8 L

In case you would like better a deeper inhalation, some water needs to be added.

3) Handle:

Lengths: 38 cm;

Weight: 0.3 kg:

Material: Italian red clay;

It works with any type of silicon hose.


Is it easy to break? No more than a normal glass hookah base.


Curiosities: Faenza is an italian city, located in the province of Ravenna, historically famous for its ceramic production. The city hosts the International Museum of Ceramics, one of the most important ceramic museums of the world, which exhibits a wide collection from the Middle Age to the 19th century, along with another section dedicated to modern and contemporary ceramics.


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