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Hookah bowl Forma Hookah Phunnel (Sakura) – was created with the aim of achieving soft and comfortable smoking. The bowl is made in pale pink colors.

Phunnel (Sakura) is a full-fledged pottery. The mass is based on a recipe consisting of 8 components. Their presence allows you to give the bowl the necessary strength and achieve the desired heat dissipation. The bowl is fired at a temperature of 1250 degrees. Thanks to high firing, the material bakes better, the bowl is less porous, and the taste transfer of the mixture is improved. In production, materials are used that are safe for food use, which means you can be sure of your health.

Hookah bowl Forma Hookah Phunnel (Sakura) – suitable for all types of mixtures. The set includes a seal for the bowl in black. Tobacco consumption in the region of 17-22 grams.

Height: 107mm
Diameter (outer): 76 mm
Diameter (inner): 69mm
Depth: 13mm
Hole diameter: 10mm
Number of holes: 1 piece
Weight: about 250 grams


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