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Anyone who has ever been a child will know the taste of pink chewing gum all too well….
Bubble Gum his father. The recipe originally comes from the USA and defines the taste of the typical US BUBBLE GUM.
The sweet and absolutely addicting taste is of course also available in Europe, but under a different name. The chewing gum is colored pink to this day and tastes intensely sweet and like a heather plant, which is also known as winter green. Wintergreen extract is also the flavoring ingredient of another important American food classic: root beer. We have refined the recipe and, above all, designed it to be more durable, because the great disadvantage of the great taste was always the volatility of the aromas. We preserve this excellent taste for almost 2 hours. In the background we work discreetly with natural mint, but without menthol. This gives the variety its flavorful finish and gives it its authentic chewing gum feeling.
Mix Bubblenciaga with White Caek and intensify your favorite taste.

Content: 50g