Zeppelin V2 Gold Matte Heat Management Device (HMD)


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Introducing the latest hookah heat management system, the Zeppelin HMD. Zeppelin is a Russian hookah brand that specializes in creating high end hookah heat management devices with unique designs and high quality materials. The Zeppelin HMD is unique in comparison to other hookah bowl heat managers in regards to its build and materials. The Zeppelin HMD shisha heat controller prevents ashes from your hookah coals from interfering with your shisha tobacco. This provides you the purest of taste and clouds from your hookah flavour. The heat controller is made of high grade aluminum and is titanium coated to preserve its beauty. Zeppelin heat management system is compatible with most hookah bowls on the market.



  • High grade aluminum
  • Titanium coated finish
  • 3.3 Inches in diameter
  • Compatible with the majority of hookah shisha bowls on the market
  • Includes 3 interior vents for heat transfer
  • Prevents ash from spilling into your shisha head
  • High quality lid with expanded air vents for heat regulation
  • Holds 3 cube coals
  • Prolongs smoke session
  • Available to ship internationally

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