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XSchischa Blue Sparkle

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XSchischa Sparkle – 50g


✓ UPGRADE – With the XSchischa food coloring you can color your water in your favorite color.

✓ SPARKLING-OPTIK – When smoking, the sparklings swirl across the bowl with every puff and give the shisha a special look.

✓ LOW CONSUMPTION – Only a flat teaspoon of the powder is required per use.

✓ CAN BE USED WITHOUT CARE – The food coloring from XSchischa is food safe and free of any harmful substances.

Would you like to give your shisha an individual look?

Then the XSchischa food coloring offers you exactly what you need. Color the water in the hookah vase the way you want it with a teaspoon. In addition to the new color of the water, the sparklings are redistributed in the vase with every puff and tempt you to watch. When using the food coloring, care should be taken not to use too much, otherwise the powder will settle on the bottom. To get a long-lasting effect of the color and more movement of the sparkling, the diffuser should be removed. This creates more vibration because the water has less resistance. We do not recommend using vases that are too large or too flat.


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