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Winter Combos Koress

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Winter Combos are officially on!!!

Koress Combo CONTENT:

  • Koress K3 Hookah
  • Colored Vase
  • Shishalove Tong
  • FRNKN Bowl
  • HMD I+
  • Silicon Hose

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FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Black Matt, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Red Blood, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Yellow and Black Cracks, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – Black Matt, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – Sea Waves, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – Silver Shiny, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – White Black Spots


Koress K3 – Cocktail, Koress K3 – Copper, Koress K3 – Mahagony, Koress K3 – Outer Space, Koress K3 – Violet Blue, Koress K3 – Volcano, Koress K3 – Black Gold Gloss

Hookah Vases

Craft Blue Gradient Black, Craft Ovni Colorful, Craft Red Gradient Black, Craft Splash – Brown Orange


Shishalove Gold Matt Tongs, Shishalove Silver Tongs, Shishalove Tongs Blue, Shishalove Tongs Red