WD G22 – 12 – Clear

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Product information “WD Hookah G22-12 stainless steel Shisha, screw cap, 45 cm”

The new stainless steel water pipes from WD Hookah not only convince with their great price! The quality and the technical equipment of the hookahs are really impressive!

All metal parts of the WD Hookahs are made of V2A stainless steel and are cleanly processed. The base has a closed chamber system so that the stale smoke can be blown out better.

The Shisha already has a hose connection with an 18.8 mm cut ex works. The hose adapter, also with an 18.8 mm joint, is connected to the hose connection without a seal.

The charcoal plate is also mounted on the smoke column with an 18.8 mm cut. So you can easily retrofit the WD Hookah with a molasses catcher.

The smoke column can be dismantled and is therefore easy to clean. Thanks to the screw cap, the column of smoke is connected absolutely tightly to the glass. The immersion tube has a screw-off diffuser.

approx. 45 cm high (without head)
with screw cap

Scope of delivery:

Glass bowl in clear, screw cap
Base and smoke column made of stainless steel
Stainless steel charcoal plate
1 stainless steel hose connections
1 hose adapter made of stainless steel
1 stopper with valve
Stainless steel diffuser

This is not a complete shisha. Please order the required accessories, head gasket, tobacco head, hose and mouthpiece separately!