Vulkanos Café Charcoal Heater


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Product information “Electric coal ignitor Vulkanos® Revolution”
This device is the new Vulkanos coal lighter revolution with a grill lighter spiral. It is ideal for lighting a lot of hookah coal at once.

– Safe ignition of natural carbon
– Complies with the German safety regulations
– This electric charcoal lighter has an official CE seal.
– 1 kg of coal at the same time on the grid space
– Practical, easy to use and robust
– Durable Grillanzünderspirale
– a Kohlegitter is

ideal for lighting non-self-igniting coal, within 5-10 minutes, the coal is annealed.

Caution: This coal lighter is not intended for cooking coffee and tea and should be kept away from children.


Length: 22cm
Width: 22cm
Height: 8cm


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