UPG Phunnel (Version 2)


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Russian most popular hookah bowl ! 

Affordable price, made of pottery with no coating.

Capacity: 15-20 g

The combination of a unique shape and materials makes it easy to cook delicious and smoky hookah.



Upgrade Form bowls are made of special faience and majolica composition, which was chosen to achieve optimal heating of tobacco, minimal burning, high strength, durability and resistance to temperature changes. Also, this clay has a white color after firing, which gives them a stylish and beautiful aesthetic appearance.

Excellent heat capacity is, first of all, in the qualitative heating of tobacco, the absence of burning to the walls, the duration of smoking. Even on the smallest cup of the Upgrade Form you can smoke up to 1.5 hours, which is a very good indicator.

The bowl in compatiable with Kaloud Lotus.


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