Union Hybrid Red Amber


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The Union Hookah Sleek models have been on the Russian market for a while and impress with their special design and great color variations! Whether in a simple wooden design, with unusual weapon laminate models or with the very popular hybrid designs made of epoxy resin and stabilized wood, Union Hookah really has something for every shisha lover!

Base and material

Union Hookah’s shishas are mainly made of stainless steel on the inside. The casing around the smoke column is made of either stabilized wood, weapon laminate, acrylic or epoxy resin. The manufacturer takes great care to ensure that only the best materials are used for the shishas. The base of the Union Hookah Sleek is made of high-quality polyethylene, on which the Union Hookah logo has been immortalized. There is also a blow-out valve and a hose connection on the base, which is plugged into the base via an O-ring.