Union Hookah Argument Black


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Earn 350 Shishalove Points!

The only hookah designed in the shape of a full-sized baseball bat.

The overlays on the hookah, mouthpiece, and stand are made from solid wood.

The bottom part of the bat is made from stainless steel and serves as the base. Inside the metal base, we’ve incorporated special notches to indicate water level, allowing you to adjust the hookah’s draw.

To prevent water from entering the hose, a special silicone plate is installed on the submerged shaft, acting as a barrier.

The hookah’s airflow is also remarkable: the smoke, exhaled in a 360º pattern, is directed downward along the base.

For stability, the hookah is equipped with a metal and wood stand. The stand can be replaced with a special spike, allowing you to anchor it in the ground, or use it as a poker for packing tobacco in the bowl.

Overall, the Argument model represents bold design and meticulously thought-out engineering solutions.


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