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With its high quality finish, innovative features and impressive design, the Steamulation Superior Pink Hookah is unique in many ways. Only carefully selected, high quality materials are used for its production. These materials are used to create a high-precision product of the best quality, made in Germany. The Steamulation Superior Pink Hookah features all the exclusive innovations developed by Steamulation where the base is the centrepiece of the hookah. It includes the fastest and safest hookah connection system – the SteamClick – as well as a 360° rotation system and integrated valve technology. In addition to first-rate quality and innovative features, its fascinating design creates a unique smoking experience: the Steamulation experience.

The design of the Steamulation Superior Pink is highlighted by its gold aluminium detailing. After production, the high quality aluminium is anodised for improved corrosion resistance. After anodising, the aluminium surface is as hard as sapphire. The Steamulation Superior Pink Hookah is equipped with a Konus One Pink mouthpiece, which is also anodised and in a gold finish. Another distinctive feature of the Steamulation Superior Pink Hookah is the Steamulation bowl in hand-blown glass. The crystal vase is embellished with a gold ring. This contrasting design gives a striking yet harmonious look to the Steamulation Superior Pink Hookah.
You can also attach a molasses catcher to the 18.8 connector on the stem.


High end shisha pipe
Colour: rose gold
Height: 67cm
Vase diameter: 28cm
Comes with a bowl: Conus One mouthpiece, black silicone hose, hose adaptor
Comes with a diffuser.

Each STEAMULATION EXCLUSIVE PINK Hookah is stamped with its own serial number.


SIZE 67 cm
BASE en cristal
HOSE silicone & aluminum handle
FIXING 360° Steamclick

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Weight 3 kg