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Single Soul Valentine’s Kit

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Your Valentine’s Day Kit! Looking to show some love to a partner, a pal, or yourself? We have got you.


1x Union Hookah Caramel or Coffee (you can choose one of the two!)

1x Union Mouthpiece

1x Clear glass Drop or Craft design (you can choose one of the two!)

1x Frnkn Stein Bowl (you can choose any color you like!)

1x HMD

1x Shishalove Silicone Hose Black or Silver (you can choose one of the two!)

1x Shishalove Tong (you can choose any color you like!)

1x XSchischa Sparkle Hookah Colorant (you can choose any color you like!)

Last but not least, we give you a Laser Engraving as a gift! (Optional)

Learn more about our Laser Engraving Service


Due to the production of the Frnkn Stein bowls, they do not all look the same. The delivered product can therefore differ slightly from the product image.

* Promotion valid online and physical stores until 17/02/22 or while stocks last.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Union Hookah Caramel, Union Hookah Coffee

Vase Clear

Craft design, Drop design


FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Black Matt, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Red Blood, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Shiny Black Silver, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Black – Yellow and Black Cracks, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – Black Matt, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – Sea Waves, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – Silver Shiny, FRNKN STEIN Phunnel Grey – White Black Spots

Hookah Colorants

XSchischa Black Sparkle, XSchischa Blue Sparkle, XSchischa Bronze Sparkle, XSchischa Gold Sparkle, XSchischa Green Sparkle, XSchischa Lime Sparkle, XSchischa Neon Glow, XSchischa Orange Sparkle, XSchischa Pink Sparkle, XSchischa Purple Sparkle, XSchischa Red Sparkle, XSchischa Ruby Sparkle, XSchischa Silver Sparkle, XSchischa Turquise Sparkle, XSchischa White Sparkle, XSchischa Yellow Sparkle


Shishalove Gold Matt Tongs, Shishalove Rainbow Tongs, Shishalove Silver Tongs, Shishalove Tongs Blue, Shishalove Tongs Gold, Shishalove Tongs Red


Shishalove Soft Touch Black Silicone Hose, Shishalove Soft Touch Silver Silicone Hose