Orden Tesla Stab (Orange Unique)


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Orange Unique – bright acid color with green dots and an intense yellow insert. When creating the hookah base, Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower drawings were used, and due to Lichtenberg figures and vacuum exhaustion he had enhanced it became possible to get an off-beat look of wood.

*Hookah vase is not included.

Stainless steel Aisi 304
Stabilized wood
Shaft diameter 13 mm
Downstem 21 cm
Total height 52 cm
Tray diameter 200 mm
Weight 1.05 kg

Detachable diffuser
Bowl connector
Soft-touch silicone hose
Stainless steel mouthpiece

*If you want your hookah set to be complete you should also add hookah vase and any of hookah bowls, also optionally HMS.


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Weight 1.5 kg