Nautiluz Orange White


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✓ V2A STAINLESS STEEL COLUMN – Flavor neutral, robust and durable

✓ 4 HOSE CONNECTIONS – With the Octopuz Blue White you can comfortably enjoy the session alone or with up to four people. All connections contain a valve ball.

✓ SCHLIFFVERBINDUNGEN – The smoke column is equipped with an 18/8 cut, so you can perfectly use an optional available Molasse catcher. The hose connections are 18/8 cut

✓ INTEGRATED DIFFUSER – The diffuser makes it easy to pull and your shisha is quiet, so it does not bother watching movies. The diffuser can be removed.

✓ DIVIDIBLE SMOKE COLUMN – The column of smoke is divisible in the middle, so you can make them smaller on the one hand and on the other hand, it is even easier to clean. Contents of delivery Octopuz Blue White:
1 x glass
1 x smoke column
1 x carbon plate
4 x connections
4 x hose adapter

total height: approx. 72cm
footprint: 20cm