Mytho Bora


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100% HANDMADE in Spain!
The new MYTHO BORA is born within the most mythological range under the exclusive signature of the Bengal Bowl.

From the hand of the best potters in the world comes this bowl made with chamotte clay and an enamel typical of an authentic jewel.

Among its properties and unsurpassed features, the Mytho version stands out for creating a unique loading area that allows you to shuffle through a range of consumption adapted to your preferences, always gaining in performance, quality and durability.

Smoke is guaranteed in your hookah with the new Mytho Bora.

Perfect for aluminum foil and combined with heat managers such as the Provost model or Kaloud type.

  • Maximum quality of flavor.
  • High session durability.
  • Average consumption (16 – 18 grams).
  • Height: 9cm approx
  • Diameter: 7cm approx

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