MIG Minime Comfort X Series


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Product information “MIG” MINIMUM COMFORT “X-SERIES”

For the X-Series, we have geared ourselves to our best and most popular models. By using our proven Closed-Chambers, you get a smoking behavior like you’ve never experienced before, with a high degree of versatility thanks to the integrated 18.8 cut. Of course, as usual in the best quality and only made of stainless steel of the highest quality. The noble and at the same time timeless X-pattern makes the pipes an absolute eye-catcher and ensures an incomparable feel.

Scope of supply :

– 1x MIG Minime Base
– 1x MIG Minime hose adapter
– 1x MIG Minime hose end
– 1x MIG Minime exhaust valve
– 2x MIG Minime plug
– 4x MIG Minime socket
– 1x MIG Minime smoke column
– 1x MIG Minime head adapter
– 1x MIG Minime plate
– 1x MIG Minime diffuser
– 1x MIG Minime dip tube
– 1x MIG Minime Bowl
– 1x MIG  Minime valve ball

Height: 49cm
Width: 20cm


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Weight 4 kg