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MASHISHA – MS Mignon Silver

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Let yourself be seduced by the MS Mignon, the new jewel from Mashisha. This model demonstrates a perfect marriage between minimalism and performance. Its unique architecture will not only seduce you with its great beauty, but also its breathtaking performance. The particular shape of this model is reminiscent of a luxury perfume bottle, giving it an ultra glamorous appearance, while ensuring very good stability of the whole.

The Ms Hookah Mignon is above all a true gem of technology. The performance of this model is clearly its strength. With a plunger consisting of several holes, the quality in use is particularly remarkable. The plunger configuration will allow you to fill the tank with a higher level of water, ensuring better cooling of the smoke. So you are sure to have longer sessions and a very high quality user experience. In addition, we notice here that its valve is directly integrated in the column which makes the evacuation of smoke from the water tank better.

This model stands out even more in terms of aesthetics and identity. Indeed, the Mignon Hookah is composed of a plate in the shape of a half-moon, giving it a strong identity and a natural charisma. This accompanied by multiple Led remote-controlled lighting, ideal for accentuating the atmosphere during your evenings. Whether in a bar, a lounge, with friends, at the beach, in the mountains or in the quiet of your home.

Rest assured, none of your friends or hosts will be indifferent!
Materials: The metal surfaces are made of aluminum ensuring very good corrosion resistance after many years. The hose is made of very good quality silicone, which does not collect dust. The handle is made of aluminum which does not oxidize. The water tank and the plunger are respectively made of plexiglass and ultra resistant stainless steel to shock and corrosion.

Transport: This model as mentioned above is very minimalist. This ensures good malleability of the machine. In addition, it comes directly with its bag for easy transport from one point to another.
Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of the shisha, be sure to always clean the water tank with a brush and a clean cloth. The plate and the whole machine should also be cleaned and dried after each use. This will allow you to avoid any form of corrosion or degradation in the long term. In addition, constant maintenance ensures a good performance of the shisha with each new use.

Chill Note: When the smoke is filled in the water tank, feel free to blow into the pipe to release it. This will create a hidden chimney effect thanks to the integrated valve system.

Have a good session!

Technical data sheet:

Height: 20 cm.
Width: 18 cm.
Valve integrated in the column.
Half-moon plate.
Connector without seal.
Silicone hose with an aluminum handle of 30cm.
Led lighting with remote control.
Carrying bag.


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