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This shisha perfectly reflects what “the ideal vacation” would look like. Its particular shape gives it all the technical and visual advantages that a shisha would dream of having. The fully transparent cube shows the water level at all times, providing a breathtaking spectacle with each water-smoke mixture. Which makes it all the more different. Unlike other shisha, here we have the possibility of fully moving the cover, which allows unlimited access to the vase.

But beyond its flattering architecture, this model remains above all a real war machine! Its plunger, equipped with a diffuser, allows an ideal draft without risk of ascent. What makes this shisha great strength is its water reservoir. The large volume of water that this shisha can contain allows the smoke to cool better. This will subsequently provide a better feel to the draw, but also allow longer sessions. The exhaust outlets are concealed at the 2 corners of the cube, offering a magnificent effect when blowing.

What makes this machine ideal for the holidays is its malleability. Its small size and simplified shape make it easier to move from one point to another. This gives it a huge advantage to be the perfect companion whether on the beach, in the mountains or in the outdoors.

Materials: the metal surfaces are made of aluminum ensuring very good corrosion resistance after many years. The hose is made of very good quality silicone, which does not collect dust. The handle is made of aluminum which does not oxidize. The water tank and the plunger are respectively made of acrylic and stainless steel which are ultra resistant to impact (more than glass) and corrosion. The cover has a suction cup seal which ensures a good seal.

Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of the shisha, be sure to always clean the water tank with a sponge and a clean cloth. Since the interior is fully accessible, cleaning becomes even easier. Constant maintenance ensures a good performance of the shisha with each new use.

Transport: this model, as mentioned above, is very minimalist. This ensures good malleability of the machine. In addition, it comes directly with its bag for easy transport from one point to another.

Chill Note: the small size of this shisha makes it very discreet. This will prevent it from prevailing during your sessions with your friends, making the moment even more human and authentic.

Have a good session!

Technical data sheet:

Height: 13 cm.
Diffuser included.
Valve placed at the four corners of the cube.
Acrylic vase.
Silicone hose with aluminum handle
Transport bag.


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