KEFO Tsira


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Carrying bag and bag content that draws attention to the content of our water pipe;
1 Piece Kefo Logo Carrying Case,
1 Piece Bag Interior Design Foam,
1 Piece Kefo Hookah Tongs,
1 Piece Kefo Seal,
1 Piece Kefo Hookah LED and Control,
1 Piece Kefo Tsira Hookah Series,
1 Pcs Kefo Tsira Hookah Inner Tube,
1 Piece Kefo Tsira Hookah Lance,
1 Piece Kefo Atlanta Clay.
Additional Features;
CC (Closed Chamber): The ability to evacuate fumes in the chamber at once.
Diffuser: Hookah shooting is easy to provide and the sound level to the level of falling.