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Kaya ELOX Eco – Poxy Blue

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The Kaya ELOX Eco Poxy is an aluminium water pipe of approx. 36cm height. It captivates on the one hand by its attractive design with a shimmering coloured shaft made of epoxy resin and on the other hand by its special blow-out valve below the ash plate.

What makes our Eco Poxy

The smoke stem set of the hookah is made of coloured anodised aluminium. This material is not only attractive to look at, but also makes the hookah resistant to rust and limescale. The closed chamber base has a 3-way valve system inside. When the smoke is puffed out, it is directed through the base and the hookah shaft to the distributor below the ash plate. There, the smoke exits downwards and immerses the hookah in an absolute smoke cloud.

Practical carrier bag with shoulder strap

Whether you’re going to parties, camping or on your next holiday – take your Eco Poxy with you wherever you go. You can easily stow it and the enclosed accessories in the supplied transport bag. It takes up little space and is always at your side.

With how many people can the hookah be used?

The Eco Poxy is equipped with a permanently installed hose connection. It cannot be upgraded to 2 connections and is therefore only suitable for a single user. Of course, the hookah can still be used with more than just one person. For this, we recommend the use of hygienic mouthpieces.

What accessories are included?

The hookah comes with a multi-hole bowl made of terracotta and a chimney. Using these accessories together simplifies the homogeneous distribution of heat to the tobacco. The higher distance to the tobacco reduces the risk of the tobacco singeing prematurely and the smoke tasting charred. For handling hot coals, you also get coal tongs (model: Wings) and a metal spring that prevents the hose from kinking and ensures that you always have a good draught.

Details about the blue Elox Eco Poxy hookah with carrier bag by Kaya-Shisha:

1 Smoke stem set, ELOX Eco Poxy, blue
– base with 1 fixed hose connection
– closed Chamber
– 3-way ejection valve with 8 openings below the ash plate
1 ash plate Ø approx. 16 cm
1 immersion tube with diffuser (max. 14.5 cm)
1 glass bowl
1 softgrip silicone hose, 150 cm
1 aluminium mouthpiece, approx. 25 cm
1 terracotta tobacco bowl
1 chimney top
1 coal tongs “Wings”
1 carrier bag approx. 26x18x20 cm

Total height: approx. 52 cm
Without bowl and accessories: approx. 35.5 cm