Kaya Elox Eco – EZRA Red Matt


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Details of the Elox Eco Ezra from Kaya-Shisha:

1 smoke stem set, ELOX Eco Ezra
1 base
– 1 hose connection
– closed chamber
– click closure
– fixed exhaust air valve
1 ash plate Ø approx. 18 cm
1 downtube with diffuser (max. 16 cm)
1 hookah glass
1 silicone hose, approx.150 cm
1 aluminium mouthpiece, approx. 25 cm
1 ceramic tobacco bowl with silicone base
1 BigStar heat manager
1 coal tongs, “Wing”

Total height with bowl: approx. 50 cm
Height without accessories: approx. 40 cm

The delivered article may vary slightly.

Kaya E³ – Elox Eco Ezra

The Eco Ezra from the Kaya Shisha ELOX series is a medium-sized hookah with a smoke stem set made of coloured anodised aluminium. The included 25 cm aluminium mouthpiece (usable length: 22 cm) is simple yet elegant. The hookah is equipped with a permanently installed hose connection and an attractive glass bowl in crystal look.

Simple and quick assembly

The hookah bowl is connected to the base with a click fastener. Three projections inside the base engage in the corresponding joints of the thread on the bowl. With less than half a turn base and hookah shaft are already firmly connected to the glass.

Base with even exhaust valve

The base is constructed in the style of a a closed chamber system. The exhaust valve contains a permanently installed valve ball in the base. If you want to blow out the smoke because it is stale or because you simply like the effect, it passes the valve ball and is ejected opposite the hose connection through three flat openings on the top of the base.

Low noise level

The Eco Ezra includes a downtube with diffuser on delivery. The perforated diffuser is connected to the immersion tube via a screw thread. When the hookah is used with the diffuser, the diffuser splits up large smoke bubbles in the water, ensures more intensive contact with the water, which increases the cooling effect and reduces noisy bubbling.

Hookah bowl in crystal look

To give the hookah a particularly attractive appearance, it has been provided with a crystal-like hookah bowl. The light rays hitting it are wonderfully refracted and make the bowl virtually glitter. An inconspicuous, slightly nacre-coloured coating also gives the bowl a delicate rainbow shimmer.

Tobacco bowl set

The Ezra comes with a ceramic phunnel with silicone base and a BigStar Heat Manager. So you can get the best out of tobacco and charcoal right from the first session.