KAYA ELOX Eco 580 Twist Blue


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Details of the set with the Elox Eco 580 Twist Blue by Kaya-Shisha:

1 smoke stem set, Eco Twist Blue
1 base
– 1 fix installed hose connection
– Closed Chamber
– 4-way valve with 11 separate openings
1 ash plate Ø approx. 19.5 cm
1 downtube with Teflon diffuser (max.19 cm)
1 glass bowl
1 softgrip silicone hose, 150 cm
1 aluminum mouthpiece, approx. 27 cm
1 terracotta tobacco bowl
1 chimney
1 coal tongs “Wings”

Total height with bowl and chimney: approx. 62 cm
Height without accessories: approx. 46 cm

The delivered article may differ slightly.

The water tank can be “charged” with light to shine in the dark autonomously.