Kaya Combo 2


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Christmas Package – Kaya Combo 2


  • Kaya ELOX Eco Slice, Small – choose your favorite color!
  • S bowl – choose your ideal bowl!
  • HMS 
  • Prototype Tobacco 50g – choose your favorite flavor!
  • One nation 1KG charcoal
  • Tong
  • Hose
  • Mouthpiece

Note: Due to the production of the S-bowls, they do not all look the same. The delivered product can therefore differ slightly from the product image.

* Product colors and tobacco flavors depend on the availability.


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HS Urban Shine


Bitcoin 50 grams, Black Passion 50 grams, Blubrry Mnt 50 grams, Cndy Watermln Mnt, Gr@pe M!n.t 50 grams, Grapfrut Mnt 50 grams, Love 69 (50 grams), Mnt 50 grams, Pych 50 grams