HS Urban S

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Hookah model HONEY SIGH Urban S is made of European-made AISI 304 stainless steel with high-precision processing of details. The assembly is carried out by means of threaded connections. The hookah has an average classic draft. The purging system consists of five valves, which allows you to purge the flask at once, as well as cool the bowl. O-ring connector.


Hose connector
Soft Touch hose
Seals (2 pcs.)
Plastic balls (5 pcs.)
Branded box

Shaft height – 53 cm
Immersion tube length – 18 cm
The height of the cone under the bowl is 4 cm
Saucer diameter – 20 cm, thickness -1.5 mm
Inner diameter of the shaft – 13 mm

Note: If you want your hookah set to be complete you should also add hookah vase and any of hookah bowls, also optionally Heat Management system, if you do not want to use foil at hookah preparation.


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