Ferris Nut Blue


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HookahJohn Ferris Nut Blue Bowl:

The HookahJohn Ferris Nut Blue Bowl is perfect for the Kaloud Lotus.

Same design as the brothers: Harmony, Trimony and 80 feet 80. The Ferris Bowl consists of a thick premium clay and a solid clay. And is decorated with a strong glaze that does not fade. The thick clay used for the bowl prevents a lot of heat from reaching the outside. So that it doesn’t get too hot. However, caution is required.

Note: clay is a natural product. Therefore there may be differences in grain and color from the photo. The dimensions given may also differ. This is not a reason for complaint.

Height: approx.10.5 cm
Outside diameter: approx.8.8cm
Diameter at the top inside: approx. 6.2 cm
Fold width: approx. 6mm
Fold depth: approx. 4mm


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