Carat Bowls – Total Black Phunnel


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Carat Bowls – Handcrafted Bowls

Authentic stoneware bowls, proudly handcrafted in Greece!

What is Stoneware? – Stoneware is a high quality, gray clay baked at a temperature above 1200 celsius degrees. At this temperature the clay is glazed. This means that it is also very important for a hookah bowl that it becomes non-porous like glass and hard like stone. As a result we have a very durable product beautiful in appearance.

The wonderful design in combination with the best materials are the unique bowls of Carat.


In our product, we have combined the many years of experience of our potters and the best materials in the world. The result is the bowl you see now. This is our pride, our passion. We thank you for your support and your love.”

– Carat Bowls


Note: Due to the production of the Carat Bowls, they do not all look the same. The delivered product can therefore differ slightly from the product image.



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