El-badia C5 Gold


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The EL-BADIA C5 is a medium shisha pipe of 43cm with some considerable benefits such as a thick glass vase with a secure CLICK rivet fastening system for incredibly reliable sealing. It also has a stem with an 18/8 CUT at the top so you can customise your shisha pipe by adding a molasses catcher or other custom parts.

The EL-BADIA C5 shisha pipe has a wide choice of colours and also comes with a silicone SOFT TOUCH hose that matches your hookah’s colourway, an aluminium mouthpiece and a terracotta Turkish style bowl accompanied by a shaft style heating system

SIZE 43 cm
BASE glass
BOWL special with grid
HOSE silicone & aluminum handle
FIXING click system
OTHER column cut 18/8 included