Alpha Roller Heat Management Device (HMD)


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Alpha Roller heat management device
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The heat controller is made of Aluminium. The completely one-piece design provides it with great strength and reliability in operation.

Thick walls and a comfortable shape of the heat controller allow you to control the heating of the bowl more smoothly. The bottom is made with a slight inward indentation to prevent sticking. The large number of holes ensures good air circulation and an even distribution of heat throughout the mixture.

The shape of the accessory allows 3 coals of 25 mm to be placed completely on the bottom, which prevents them from falling over the edge.

When creating the heat management device, we were inspired by the design of an automobile piston, therefore, its technical characteristics are indicated on one side of the accessory.


Weight: 118g.
Material: Aluminium, one-piece construction.
Color: Silver.
The accessory matches perfectly with Alpha Hookah hookahs and fits all popular bowls on the market.



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