Alpha Hookah Model X Stratos – the first in space!


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We were inspired by those who were not afraid to rise above everyone else, literally step into the unknown, leave a mark on history forever, and launched, perhaps, our most unusual project – sent a hookah into the stratosphere.

A limited edition model X (5,000 units in total) was released to immortalize this event in the history of the company and the entire hookah industry.

The graphics for this special series are based on lettering with the names of some of the most famous astronauts. Each of them made a unique achievement in the history of space flight. We have encrypted these accomplishments in symbolic messages.


Silicone Soft Touch Hose
Magnetic connector
Seal kit
Welcome letter and sticker pack
Materials used

All parts in contact with water (immersion tube, diffuser, hookah skeleton, bowl connector, mouthpiece spout) are made of high quality stainless steel.

The mouthpiece and decorative cover are made of powder-coated anodized aluminum. The saucer is made of stainless steel and also powder coated with heat resistant paint.

Base and connector material – German polyacetal.


The inner diameter of the submersible shaft is 14 mm.

The inner diameter of the skeleton (the upper part of the hookah under the overlay) is 13 mm.

The height of this model without the bulb is 42 cm.

The high quality of hookahs from Alpha Hookah is backed by a service guarantee.


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